Volume Five

The building of Tunnel No. 1

One of my goals for 2012 is to complete and make operational the logging line. In order to do that I needed to complete the basic land forms for the logging area I need to complete the tunnel first by adding a tunnel liner. Why add a tunnel liner? Well after taking a video from… » Read More

Adams Stave and Box Co. – Part 2

The second building to be finished that I started earlier this year was the Adams Stave and Box Co. To finish off the building I needed to make the sign, below id my trials and tribulations on making the sign. A little painting touch-up and the sign looks great. To finish the building I decided… » Read More

Clearwater Revival Church – Part 2

I finally had time to finish a couple of building I started earlier this year and the first one was the Clearwater Revival Church. I basically built the church as per the instructions except for the roof. I also built ant installed the pews and alter that was available as an add-on kit for the… » Read More

Valenby gets a Station

After not working on the railway for an extended period of time due to working 7 days a week for about 6 months, the project was finally done and I finally had time to do some modeling again. In order to ease back into it I decided to start something simple and build a small… » Read More

Adams Stave and Box Co. – Part 1

Earlier this year I started building Adams Stave and Box Co, the last industry in Clearwater that needs a building.   This is a kit bash of Full Steam Ahead’s Barrel Factory.  This will be modified or “Kit bashed” by cutting and splicing the end walls to convert into a two story building.   This required getting… » Read More

Building the Clearwater Revival Church – Part 1

A project that that I recently started is the building of the Clearwater Revival Church.  This will be an unmodified limited kit that is put out by Outback Model Company in Australia. The walls were painted “wicker white (Folk Art #CA901) after the boards were applied to the walls.  This caused some warping that required… » Read More

The present state of Clearwater

There is nothing like a deadline to spur one on to get things done. Seeing I agreed to open my layout for the CARM convention that will be held in the long weekend of May I now have added incentive to get things done. The goal is to finish the town of Clearwater. Here is… » Read More