Volume Seven

Building the turntable at Mara – Part 2 (The deck)

Now that I have a turntable that will operate reliably it was time to make the deck to accommodate my On30 locomotives. Normally the bridge girders are placed under the rails. This in not a problem in using the HO bridge as the track spacing nor HO and On30 are the same, the difference being… » Read More

Building the Turntable at Mara – Part 1 (the bridge)

The turntable pit in Mara has been in place for a few years now bit hasn’t been completed because of a couple of small design flaws that makes the turntable unreliable.   Seeing as I am now having operating sessions I really need a way to turn locomotives without the hand of God involved. I… » Read More

Climbing Mount Everest

Well not really but it does make for a catchy title……… Next on the scenery list is the cliff face at the Okanagan Lumber Camp #4.   Here is what I have at the lumber camp.  I thought of different ways of adding a cliff face such as making plaster rocks and gluing them to… » Read More

Building the Cliffs of Dover – Part 2

It’s been way too long from my last update but some progress has been made this year. I’ll post the changes as I get around to doing them. Hopefully It won’t take long. So here is the first update of the year. The cliffs were done and completed in Part 1 and left to do… » Read More