Clearwater Telegraph Archives

Welcome to the Clearwater Telegraph Archives. The purpose of the archives is to document things that have happened along the way, milestones and other things that I want to record for prosperaty sake. All the articles are written in a fun way but represent actual things that has happened while building the railway.

Trackwork Finally Starts on the Clearwater Valley Railway Co.
Unfortunately for me I decided to start laying track just before the Christmas Holidays and thought I had more rail than I actually had and ran out of rail.

First Train From Mara Arrives In Clearwater
Wednesday March 21, 2007 was a milestone date as the track was finally laid and wired for Clearwater and the first train was run on the layout. This is an account of that run captured throuth the lens of Frederick “Flash” Williams who was there to record the event. Please note that some imagination will be required as there is no buildings, scenery etc, you get the idea.

Special trip on the Clearwater Valley Railway Co.
Wednesday Apil 23, 2008 was another milestone date as the “loop” was completed in order to give me continious running. The CVR Co. ran a special train to mark the event. Our intreprid reporter Frederick “Flash” Williams was there again to record the events.