Volume Six

Building the Cliffs of Dover – Part 1

OK, it’s not quite the cliffs of Dover but what I needed to build is a removable piece of scenery in front of the electrical panel.  In part 1 I’ll show how I did the cliffs themselves and part 2 will cover the scenery involved around the tracks and still have the section removable. First… » Read More

Clearwater gets a team track

After a few operating sessions it became plain that the team track arrangement was not working out very well.  I decided to add the team track as a way of generating a more varied rolling stock mix on the layout and the siding to Adams Stave & Box Co. Seemed to be the logical location…. » Read More

Laying track to the Okanagan Logging Camp #4

One of my goals this year is to to put the branch line up to the logging camp in operation. This will add some additional operation to the layout.  This will require the following work to be done; Finish the top of the mountain that the logging camp sits on. Lay the track up to… » Read More