Clearwater Revival Church – Part 2

I finally had time to finish a couple of building I started earlier this year and the first one was the Clearwater Revival Church. I basically built the church as per the instructions except for the roof. I also built ant installed the pews and alter that was available as an add-on kit for the church.

The kit called for a corrugated metal roof but I thought a shingled roof would be more appropriate. In shingling the roof I cut individual shingles from ceder veneer available from sierra scale models ( while a time consuming process the end result is well worth it.

To finish the roof I wanted a weathered look that portrayed a roof in good condition but not needing repair. To do this i started my making a grey stain by mixing black and whitewash stains made by Saman (available here at RONA hardware stores) It dried a little too light but two coats of A/I (Alcohol/India ink) fixed that. In order to give it a silver grey look I drybrushed the roof with Wicker White (Folk Art).

There will be a grave yard beside the church so I needed some tombstones. My buddy Chris Lyon brought me back some made by Paw of the Bear that was made just for the Fine Scale Model Railroader EXPO that was held in October. The instructions suggested that they be “stained with Prismacolor Premier Double Ended Art Markers. I had some grey ones so I decided to thy it and was more than pleased with the results.

Next up will be planting the building.

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