Adams Stave and Box Co. – Part 1

Earlier this year I started building Adams Stave and Box Co, the last industry in Clearwater that needs a building.   This is a kit bash of Full Steam Ahead’s Barrel Factory.  This will be modified or “Kit bashed” by cutting and splicing the end walls to convert into a two story building.   This required getting two extra end walls to add the second floor.  Because this building is going against the backdrop It had to be cut back to fit the space between the backdrop and the track serving it.  Because there is no back required for the building the back wall can be used to create the second floor on the front.  Here are some of the construction details.

The walls was stained using a brand of water based stain we get here called Saman, the color used is called “whitewash” (#116).  The premise for using whitewash is its a cheat alternative to paint as it is basically lime mixed with water.  Mr Adams is a fugal owner who doesn’t believe in spending money if cheaper alternates are available.  The trim colour is Folk Art “Hunter Green (#406).

Six coats of ink and alcohol was used on the end walls to get the basic stone colour and random blocks were painted with stone gray, raw umber, burnt umber and yellow ocher liquid pigments produced by Woodland Scenics.

I didn’t use the chimney that came with the kit as I found it to be too low and bulky for my taste so I used one that I had in my spare parts bin.  I don’t remember where I got it but it is a resin casting.  Finishing the chimney was achieved by spray painting the casting with red automotive primer and adding Roberts Brick Mortar after letting the primer dry a few days.

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