Adams Stave and Box Co. – Part 2

The second building to be finished that I started earlier this year was the Adams Stave and Box Co. To finish off the building I needed to make the sign, below id my trials and tribulations on making the sign.

A little painting touch-up and the sign looks great.

To finish the building I decided to add some exterior lighting.

In order to make the exterior light I order some .018″ tubing, 18″ and 24″ lampshades from Ngineering ( For the lights I used warm white (0805) SMD LED’s. I started by soldering 38g magnetic wires to the LED’s. I then flared the end of the .018″ rubing using a push pin. I did this to hold the lampshade in place once I assembled it. To bend the tubing I inserted a piece of .012 brass rod in the tubing and uses a 1/4″ drill as a guide. One bent I pulled out the brass rod and threaded the wire through the tubing. This turned out to be the hardest part of the project, once done the LED’s were tested to make sure they worked. Because I’m using a 12V DC regulated power supply to provide power to the lights and the LED’s run on 3V I had to make a power supply for the LED’s. This was done by using a breadboard and 470 ohm resisters were used. Basically a 470 ohm resister was soldered in parallel with each LED.

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