Construction Blog Volume 5

February 13, 2011

There is nothing like a deadline to spur one on to get things done. Seeing I agreed to open my layout for the CARM convention that will be held in the long weekend of May I now have added incentive to get things done. The goal is to finish the town of Clearwater. Here is what Clearwater looks like today.

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Earlier this year I started building Adams Stave and Box Co, the last industry in Clearwater that needs a building.   This is a kit bash of Full Steam Ahead’s Barrel Factory.  This will be modified or “Kit bashed” by cutting and splicing the end walls to convert into a two story building.   This required getting two extra end walls to add the second floor.  Because this building is going against the backdrop It had to be cut back to fit the space between the backdrop and the track serving it.  Because there is no back required for the building the back wall can be used to create the second floor on the front.  Here are some of the construction details.

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Another project that is presently ongoing is the Clearwater Revival Church.  This will be an unmodified limited kit that is put out by Outback Model Company in Australia.