Adding the Backdrop

Well time is just flying by and its time for another update. It has been a slow month on the Clearwater Valley as I had other projects that needed attended to.

One of those projects was a 12 foot module in HO (gasp!!!!!!!) that I said I would build for our 4-man traveling troupe for a show in Morrisburg, Ontario that was held on the weekend of April 28-29, 2007. Needless to say I did manage to get the 4 modules (36″ long each, so that when boxed up I can get them in my car) built and the track laid. I also managed to paint the base color so that the pink foam would look better. Unfortunately the paint I borrowed for this turned out to be oil based. The good news is that it didn’t attack the foam; the bad news is that it took it three days to dry. I painted the modules Friday morning, packed them Friday night, loaded them in the car Saturday morning, drove to the show (1-1/4 hours from where I live) set them up and let them dry all weekend. In keeping with my latest railroading venture the module set is called “Clearwater Junction”. Here is a track plan of the module.

Now back to the Clearwater Valley. The curved turnout I built in Clearwater was still giving my forney problems so I took my HO NMRA gauge and did some checking. There was a clearance issue with the guard rails and frog (it was a little tight) and a couple of adjustments later, problems solved.

I also managed to finish the backdrop and painted it “sky blue”. Next up is painting the backdrop on it, something I’m not looking forward too. Fortunately another modeler in the area paints great backdrops and claims anyone can do it. So, I’m getting a lesson on his backdrop painting techniques and we shall see how it goes.

Also next on the list is some buildings for Clearwater. I bought and received a couple of 1-kits from Bar Mills that I plan to kitbash into the Sharksbite Brewery, which will be a three story affair. I also have the Rico Station kit that will be kit bashed into a smaller station. There will be a commercial center in Clearwater that will contain the Clearwater Saloon, a pool hall (Evergreen Hill) and a couple of other small buildings to be determined. Not sure where they will go, but will figure it where when they are built.

As stated in the last update, my layout will be open for the NFR convention in April 2008. By then I plan to have the loop completed and the town of Mara started along with the scenery and structures completed for the part already built. These may be lofty goals but there is nothing like a deadline to get the creative juices going. I have 11 months to get there.

That’s it for now, until next time, have fun.

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