The building of Tunnel No. 1

One of my goals for 2012 is to complete and make operational the logging line. In order to do that I needed to complete the basic land forms for the logging area I need to complete the tunnel first by adding a tunnel liner. Why add a tunnel liner? Well after taking a video from a cab viewing angle the lack of a tnnlel liner was apparent and I decided that before I took any more videos, I would complete the liner.

The tunnel liner project turned out to be quite the project as the commentary with the pictures below will attest.

While the final results are good it took awhile to get there. What I learned was that you need to take the time to let the plaster dry thoroughly. From start to finish it took 2 weeks to complete the tunnel liner. If I would have waited a week for the plaster to fry instead of a couple of days I probably would have been ahead of the game.

Another project to do with Tunnel No.1 is the timber portal and retaining wall for the east portal of Tunnel No. 1.

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The portal and retaining wall were built using S scale kits produced by Hunterline ( I used the S scale ones as they were more in like size wise with On30 than the O scale ones which were two big. I had enough left over to build a smaller retaining wall that will be located along the approach to Tunnel No. 1.

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